Rice Plumbing uses Color Video Pipe Inspection. Our video inspection is a color monitor with a camera that goes into the sewer clean out or vent stack and is used to locate and isolate problems with a sewer waste or stacked system. We have the ability to record the session from a monitor and submit to homeowner, insurance, buyer, seller, etc. Call us at 361-362-2170 for more information.

Rice Plumbing Inc. can handle any type of vac job and clean pipes or storm drains. We are able to pump and transport sludge and other non-hazardous spills. Waiting to clean your pipes and drains can cause serious problems so be sure and call Rice Plumbing Inc. for all you vacuum truck needs.

Rice Plumbing Inc. for the more difficult and larger drain problems will use a process known as hydro jetting. Hydro Jetting is a powerful procedure thats uses water to throughly clean and remove grease, sediment and other buildup inside of drain pipes.

Rice Plumbing Inc. offers smoke testing a procedure that is used to detect leaks in plumbing and sewer systems. A smoke test is performed using an artificially created non-toxic clean smoke that is harmless to you and your pets. During the test plumes of smoke will form where there may be a potential defect in your plumbing system.

Rice Plumbing Inc. uses a variety of test to determine if there are any leaks in your plumbing system. A hydro static test uses pressure to find leaks in your domestic water lines. A static test will determine if there is a leak in your sanitary sewer line and an isolation test will pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Call Rice Plumbing Inc for you Hydrostatic, Static and Isolation Testing today.